UK running athletes are under UK Athletics (UKA), a body that ensures the development of the athletes, facilitates athletics events in the UK as well as their respective officials. It is made up of four member organisations from the four countries that make up the United Kingdom that is Welsh, Scottish, Northern Ireland and England. It is important to note that this body re-branded in 2013 to British Athletics but they continue to use UK Athletics mainly in their internal governance. These athletes take part in athletics competitions which include track and field, road running, race walking, cross country running and mountain running. All these are individualised races except for relay races or where athletes need to combine efforts for a score.

Road Running Athletics

Road running athletics is one of the attractive sports around the globe. Its easy accessibility makes it very flexible, and a significant amount of UK running athletes partake in this fascinating athletic event. Throughout the years, the United Kingdom has consistently been at the vanguard of road running. This running sport is a very important in the work of UK athletics.

Getting Involved In Road Running

Road running reflects the real diversity of athletics as this is a sport partaken by elite athletes through to people who run as a form of recreation. UK Athletics primarily work to cater for all kinds of road runners, and associations/clubs handle much of this provision of services. These clubs are amazingly diverse as they can provide various functions such as coaching, support, competition and advice for a variety of runners.

If you happen to not already be a member of one of these road running clubs, we recommend that you find one and enrol yourself into it as this could prove to be something very advantageous to you in future. To discover clubs that best suit you regarding proximity and other personal factors, please visit Once you manage to become a member of a club, you can now become a registered athlete, and this comes with multiple advantages such as entry into road races at cheaper rates.

British Association of Road Races

The British Association of Road Races (BARR), carry out a significant amount of good work on road-running in the United Kingdom. The BARR’s main aim is to promote and support for the carrying out of well organised and safe road running events in the United Kingdom. The organisations four objectives include maintaining and reviewing of a Code of Practice that benefits competitors and ensures adequate management of road and multi-terrain competitions, being a membership organisation that conveys of sufficient information for its members and acting as its official agent that monitors and polices Race Licence Standards. Its final objective is serving as the official national race grading platform in the United Kingdom by setting and appraising race standards.

UK Running Athletes Road Running