Massage as a therapy has been around for a long time but what actually is sports massage therapy? The name is a bit of a give away; sports massage is for the people who participate in sports from professional athletes to those attempting a marathon for the first time. It not only focuses on the treatment of injuries but their prevention as well.

Why Is Sports Massage Therapy Useful

To help keep fitness levels as high as possible and reduce soft tissue injury; a sports therapist will use a range of techniques designed to help release tension that builds up in the soft tissues of anyone undertaking regular physical exercise. Minor injuries and lesions can be avoided by judicious use of sports massage therapy. No more niggling aches and pains as the therapist expertly manipulates specific soft tissue to relieve the build-up of tension and create symmetry and balance in the muscles and tendons, especially for runners and cyclists.

What To Expect From Sports Therapy Massage

Interestingly, it is not just athletes that can benefit from this form of massage. People whose jobs are physically demanding can experience the same sort of stress and build up of tension in their muscles to the extent that if ignored, it could lead to a more serious problem, cramps, pulled backs, slipped disc, Sciatica. You can also find that bad posture, repetitious actions, occupational and emotional stress can cause similar tension and stress build up.

A sports masseur has a range of techniques to hand that help alleviate problems in different areas depending on the activity undertaken and the problems being encountered. Regular massage technique of gently manipulating muscle can be done as well as rotational movement on specific joints, passive and active movement of certain muscle groups. Sometimes what may appear to be obscure areas are treated, but the therapist will, after an assessment, explain the reasoning behind a particular technique, for example, breaking down connective tissue to create more mobility.

Is Sports Therapy For You?

Depends on what you are looking for? If injured during your sporting activities then certainly these trained masseurs have the experience and knowledge to not only help you get back on your feet but learn how to prevent further incidents. Looking to improve your overall physical mobility then again these professionals are more knowledgeable about this aspect of the body and how physical activity affects it. Not only beneficial for sportsmen and women but for all who are at risk of soft tissue and muscle injury.

Sports Massage Therapy: to improve flexibility and performance