In the exciting world of sports, marathon running is a discipline that inspires the most reverence and admiration in the general public. With the amazing athletes that are constantly pushing the limits of what human body is capable of, every single marathon event represents a supreme statement of strength, endurance and persistence. For that precise reason, sport betting on marathons should be a pure bliss for those punters that prefer exhilarating and unpredictable sporting events.

The Current State Of Affairs In Marathon Betting

However, in practice, this is still not the case. Although currently there are eight major marathon events, including the Olympics and IAAF World Championships in Athletics, as well as a fair number of local ones, sport betting on marathons is still a rather obscure and unpopular punting option. There are a couple of reasons for this state of affairs. First of all, due to the extreme nature of the discipline itself and the logistical and organisational difficulties it presents, the events of this kind are still comparatively rare and out of the focus of punting fans. Also, for the most part, bookmakers are still not adequately supporting marathon competitions. When that finally happens and with the addition of media campaigns that will promote it, marathon punting will join the betting mainstream in all its glory.

How To Bet On Marathons

Until that time, here are some useful tips that will help you prepare for the upcoming marathon events. Unlike some other sports, marathons provide a limited choice of betting markets. Basically, you can bet on the overall winner of the race. In some cases, bookmakers are also offering markets for the first three places and that’s about it. Of course, just like in other sports, underdogs will be awarded higher odds, while competitors that are perceived as the favourites will get lower odds.

That leads us to the other important aspect of marathon betting: preparation. If you want to maximize your chances for the success, it is advisable to carefully study the competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. At this stage, everything is relevant. Their previous competitions, scores, track records as well as the history of former illnesses and injuries. Even the smallest weakness might prove as a liability and influence the outcome of the race. Of course, since the marathon competitions may commonly include thousands of athletes, you naturally must focus on those that are most famous and are already established in the sporting world.

Marathon – A Punting Sport Of The Future

Despite the current difficulties that marathon punting enthusiasts are facing, this particular form of betting has a great perspective. With all the physical challenges and exertions it involves, the sport itself belongs to the very top of the athletics. Marathon punting takes lots of preparation, strategy and finesse, not to mention a fair amount of plain luck. However, one of the special appeals of the marathon betting is a great unpredictability of this sport, and the excitement and satisfaction this kind of events can generate are truly awesome. Because, all your solid preparations and tactics aside, lots can happen on that majestic 42.195 kilometres long run.

Sport betting on marathons is an exciting and rewarding hobby.