This is a world where people are increasingly competitive and new sports are emerging everyday. However, some of the sports today are part of the classics. Sportsrunning is one of these, where individuals participate in competitive events that test either endurance or speed. The races are short, while others are long, and with some, hurdles are invented to increase the challenge, competition, and entertainment.

Levels of competition for sports running

Competitions for sportsrunning start at different levels. There could be in schools, in community organizations, at regional, national and even international levels. The common thing with all these levels is that all participants have to train to participate and have a shot at victory in all these events. Some of the knows events in the world are IAAF athletics which includes sports running among other field events.

Many of the international sports running competitions happen at an annual basis and usually in a different country every time. Additionally, the events are divided into categories of junior and senior athletes in terms of age, and events sets the age at different parameters. This is aimed at streamlining the levels of competition.

Choosing a running shoe

Sporting apparel is very important for an individual in sports running. Take a shoe for example-how do you choose a good shoe? So if you’re looking at 1000 different pairs of shoes, it is important to know what to look for, or what each shoe represents. One of the factors is motion control, shoes that are often rigid and heavy. They provide you with cushion and support compared to other running shoes, and recommended to people who are in heavy running or people with flat feet.

Another aspect to look into is stability. There are a good choice for individuals with overpronated feet, which means that the foot rolls inward when you are in a run. Cushioned or neutral shoes best suit people who have neutral gait, which means that the shoes have a little cushioning in them. The Minimalist or Barefoot shoes have little to no support or cushioning. They are supposed to mimic a person running barefoot to as close an extent as possible, while providing runners the protection they need.

This photo shows an international competition of sportsrunning

So what is it about sports running?

Different sports can take you to different places. However sportsrunning is very unique due to the power it has to explore. For some, its a fascination of maps where running provides them with a way to put their feet on paper. For others, the explorers in them allows them to go through what seems as a blank spot, and always look over the the corner. Sports running links neighborhoods along with country roads alike forging new routes.