I’m a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. I’ve taken part in sport all my life, and have had
first hand experience of sporting injuries. I would like to help competitive athletes and
fitness enthusiasts alike to benefit from Sports Massage Treatments to ensure you continue
with your sporting career.
Why not book in a sports massage treatment session now to ensure that you continue with
your new fitness regime all through the year, injury free. Whether you are training for the
London marathon, Sportive Cycling challenges or just keeping fit, you will benefit from
having regular sports massages. If you haven’t tried one yet, give your body a treat.
Benefits of sports massage
*speeds up the healing of damaged or overworked tissue and
muscles, reduces recovery time
*increases fitness capabilities and performance potential
*prevents future injury by treating current muscle weakness
*post event massage helps clear out waste toxins eg lactic acid from muscles, reducing
stiffness and enabling faster recovery time than post event rest
*massage helps break up adhesions thus improving muscles suppleness and mobility
*enables muscles and joints to heal faster after injury, reducing stiffness and enabling faster

Recovery time than post event rest
Initial assessment
When you come for your first treatment I will take a confidential case history and discuss
any reasons why sports massage may be inappropriate for you, if you have an infection for
example. In most cases, sports massage will prove to be extremely beneficial.